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Antique Silver Cake Baskets
Sterling silver and silverplate cake baskets were fairly common in American households during the latter part of the 19th century. Most were round but some examples of oblong, square and rectangular may still be found today. They were made with short pedestals, tall pedestals and even legs (both short and tall), and most have a hinged, pail-type handle.

Often when silverplate cake baskets are found in original condition, much of the silverplating has worn off. Because of this, prices are generally much less than one might expect, averaging about $20. Even cake baskets with little to no plate wear may be found at very inexpensive prices.

The cost of replating a silver cake basket is approximately $90-100 making it a very reasonable investment. As usual, original condition is best, but if it's a piece you love but cannot use or display because of poor condition, go for the replating or restoration. Sterling silver cake baskets generally cost a good deal more than silverplate, particularly in excellent original condition. If you have one with dings or other significant imperfections, consider having it restored.

Here are some examples of cake baskets from the original manufacturers' catalogs, circa 1880-90s.

Pairpoint cake baskets
Above: Pairpoint cake baskets.
E.G. Webster cake baskets.
Above: E.G. Webster cake baskets.

Reed & Barton antique silver cake baskets
Above: Reed & Barton cake baskets

As you can see, these beautiful antique silver cake baskets can serve either the original purpose as intended, or as unique decorative displays in American homes today. The uses are limited only to your imagination!

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